The following section from the AzSAM Bylaws governs our membership requirements:

Section 1. Eligibility
The Board of Directors shall, subject to the minimum requirements for eligibility as herein provided below, determine the criteria for membership in the Arizona Society of Addiction Medicine, Inc. (AzSAM), hereafter referred to as AzSAM, and shall be the sole judge of the qualifications of applicants for membership. All members of AzSAM must be members in good standing of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Section 2. Classes
The classes of membership are active, honorary, and retired. The active class consistent 4 categories:

  • general members
  • certified members
  • house officer members
  • student members

All members must adhere to the Principles of Medical Ethics of ASAM, as appropriate.

Section 3. Active Members
Active members are doctors of medicine, or doctors of osteopathy, or students of these professions, whose payments of dues and other obligations to ASAM are current. Active members shall pay dues as determined by the Board of Directors for each category of active membership. Active members in good standing are entitled to vote, hold office, and chair committees, except that medical student and house officer members may not hold office.

  • General Members: A general member must hold the degree of doctor of medicine, or doctor of osteopathy, issued by an institution of learning accredited at the time of the issuance of such degree.
  • Certified Members: A certified member, in addition to meeting the criteria for general membership, must have passed ASAM’s certification examination in addiction medicine, or have otherwise been certified by ASAM.
  • House Officer Members: An intern, a resident, or a fellow serving in and root hospital or fellowship program shall be eligible for this category (if he or she needs the criteria for regular membership) but for only as long as he or she serves in said hospital, or fellowship program.
  • Medical Student Members: Students enrolled and in good standing in formally accredited medical schools or schools of osteopathic medicine, shall be eligible for medical student membership.

All AzSAM members of ASAM are required to join AzSAM, and all members of AzSAM are required to join ASAM. The intent of this requirement is a unified AzSAM/ASAM membership. This requirement will go into effect upon the charter of AzSAM. The national organization and the Arizona Society of Addiction Medicine, Inc. will initiate and maintain mechanisms to ameliorate financial hardship imposed by this provision and section. AzSAM dues will be consistent with the Constitution & Bylaws, and the advice and consent of the national Board of ASAM.

Public Relations

No member of AzSAM shall make public statements in the name of AzSAM, without prior consent of the Board of Directors. Individual members may mention their membership in public statements or in publications, but they shall always state that their views do not necessarily represent those of AzSAM.