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Please check here regularly for information directly impacting AzSAM current and prospective members, as well as those working within the Addiction Medicine field.

Message from ASAM Public Policy and Advocacy Department- 6/19/17

Please see below message from Brad Bachman, ASAM Advocacy, Public Policy and Payer Relations staff:

“I wanted to touch base with you in regards to ASAM’s response to the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the repeal and replace bill for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that is currently moving through the US Senate. As I’m sure you know, there are significant concerns that ASAM and the rest of the medical community have with the legislation, particularly the provisions that would end the guaranteed coverage of substance use disorders and mental health treatment services and cut Medicaid by $880 billion and strip more than 20 million people of their health insurance. ASAM has met with opposing Senators in regards to this legislation and they’ve stressed the importance of a grassroots response directed to the Senators who will be key decision-makers on this bill.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is one of those key Senators and as the leadership of the Arizona Society of Addiction Medicine we ask if you can contact his office to let him know your concerns with the bill as an addiction medicine provider in the field. ASAM will be sending targeted emails to your chapter members to ask them to do the same, but any additional communication from you to your chapter members would also be helpful in mobilizing addiction medicine providers across the state. If the AHCA is passed it will drastically impact the patients our members serve and in the midst of an epidemic we cannot let that happen. For a script and further information on contacting the Senator’s office, please visit our take action webpage. Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for all that you do for AZSAM and ASAM.”

For more information from ASAM Public Policy Department, click here:

Message from AzSAM President- 6/15/17 

Dear AzSAM Member,

 Please allow me 30 seconds of your valuable time to consider the following question:

“What inspired you to pursue an interest in Addiction Medicine?”

Was it a patient or a series of patients who came to you in need? Was it a family member or other loved one who helped you understand the turmoil of living with an addiction? Have you had your own experiences in recovery? Or, has there been a mentor who you will be eternally thankful for, because as Bob Proctor describes it best, “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you”?

AzSAM needs your experience and your voice to help inspire others to contribute to the field of Addiction Medicine. We are uniquely positioned in Arizona to increase our visibility as an organization and assist our provider and patient communities with education, mentorship, and support on the treatment of addictions.

AzSAM is committed to focusing on four major themes in the upcoming year:

-Creating opportunities for mentorship and collaboration within our communities

-Building resilience in our physician and provider workforce and addressing burnout

-Increasing access to evidence-based continuing medical education opportunities and resources

-Empowering practitioners of Addiction Medicine through opportunities for advocacy and activism

The AzSAM Board of Directors has set specific goals to improve our organization and be of service to our communities. We are currently seeking your assistance to participate in committees including the following: Education, Community Relations, Fundraising, Conference Planning, and Membership. If you have a skill set that you feel is a good fit for a committee please let us know. We are also seeking contributors and editors for our quarterly Newsletter.

Join me at our next dinner meeting to discuss AzSAM’s proposed goals and objectives for the following year. Additional speaker information, location, and details will be provided in the next several days. Please contact myself at and/or Stacey Lindsay, our Marketing and Events coordinator at if we may be of assistance in the meantime.

Monica Faria, MD
AzSAM President


Message from Incoming AzSAM President- 5/11/17

Dear AzSAM members and prospective members,

  Thank you for participating in the recent election process. Your
new Board members are unified in the goal of improving the care and
treatment of people with the disease of addiction, and in advancing
the practice of addiction medicine.

   Our goals for the 2017-2018 year include increasing our membership
and collaborating with other professions and professional
organizations involved in the treatment of addiction. The membership
goal includes reaching out to nurses, nurse practitioners, physician
assistants, psychologists, therapists, and others practicing in the
front lines of addiction medicine treatment.

   We are planning our 2017 Fall conference and anticipate providing
Southwestern State addiction treatment professionals with insights
into the latest innovations and scientific developments in addiction
medicine. We also envision creating a mentorship program that provides
addiction medicine professionals with individualized, one-on-one
guidance on specific clinical issues.

   Last, we anticipate increasing our visibility as an organization
throughout the state by building relationships with our local
communities, universities and colleges, professional organizations and
the legislature. We recognize the unique position AzSAM holds in
contributing to public safety in the current opioid addiction

  Please welcome the following AzSAM Board Members:

Dr. Monica Faria, President
Dr. Darwyn Chern, President-Elect
Dr. Aaron Riley, Immediate Past President
Dr. Simon Olstein, Secretary
Dr. Mike Dekker, Treasurer

  Please stay tuned for our update website which will include our
contact information and profiles. We look forward to working with you

  “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working
together is success.” -Henry Ford

Monica Faria, MD
AzSAM President